SIB resources

This is not a complete list of resources but should be a good place to get started.


Vulnerable Adolescents

Health and Social Care

workshops and webinars

Webinar 1 - Introducing the Commissioning Better Outcomes Fund Support: Slides, Recording 

Workshop 1 - SIBs in children's services: Slides

Workshop 2 - SIBs in children's services: Slides

Workshop 3 - SIBs in criminal justice: Slides

Webinar 2 - Manchester Social Impact Bond: Slides, Recording

Workshop 4- SIBs in health, social care and addiction: Slides

Workshop 5- Procuring and commissioning a Social Impact Bond: Slides

Webinar 3 - Developing a SIB Financial Model: Slides, Recording

Webinar 4- Building the SIB Value for Money Case: Slides, Recording

Online Tool

We have launched an interactive tool to provide a simple illustration of how to think about a Social Impact Bond business case, and the role the Outcomes Funds could play in providing top-up payments to a locally commissioned SIB. The tool is currently in Beta mode so we welcome any feedback