How can we support you?

We aim to provide tailored support at all stages of your Social Impact Bond (SIB) development. Below is an overview of the programme of support we offer for some of the stages you may go through when developing a SIB. Please note that you are not required to take up this support in order to submit an EOI or full application to the Funds, and you will not be prejudiced either way should you choose to speak to Social Finance and/or LGA before your submission.

Stage One

If you are only just starting to think about social impact bonds, you may find it useful to read through the technical guides and resources we have available here: Another important resource is the Big Lottery Fund’s website which details what they are looking for from applicants:   

Stage Two

If you are working on an Expression of Interest (EoI) to either of the funds, we offer support to help you through this process. This support is designed for commissioners who, having done some initial thinking about a social impact bond for their area, have decided that they would like to pursue the idea further by submitting an EoI to the funds.  If you would like to access this support, please contact and we will arrange an introductory phonecall.

Stage Three

Once your EoI has been submitted and approved, Big Lottery Fund and the Cabinet Office will suggest you share it with us for a full needs assessment. Here, we will review your EoI and help you to develop a roadmap to get to a full application. We will help you to identify the key aspects of your SIB that need to be developed in order to launch a SIB. If you have had an EoI accepted by the funds, you can contact us on to request a needs assessment.